The INTENTION (Mindset and Attitude) – The Pre-requisite:

(1) Take it personally that ‘either Quran REVEALED TO ME or revealed FOR ME.’

(2) Then connect and feel attachment through IMAGINATION that either I was present at the TIME of Rasulullah, Salla Allahu alaihi wa Sallam or a Rasul, a messenger was sent for THIS TIME.

(3) Then read an Ayah or a Hadith, try to find what’s the instruction there for me and implement it.

(4) And the final approach is that ask Allah, Al-Hadi, the Owner of the Day of Judgement, to ‘guide me to that which would save me from the punishment of Qabr, the Qiyamah, Jahannam and save me from the trial of death and life and make my journey towards Jannah easy.’

It’s just that simple.

The FIRST attempt – Finding SUBJECTS/ Issues/ Topics/ Incidents:

  • WHAT is the SUBJECTAllah talking about?

(Allah Ta’ala Himself, Rasulullah Sallillahu Alaihi Wa Sallam, Quran, Prophets, Malaikah, Qiamah, Jannah, Jahannam, Human Being, shaitan, Creations (Bees, Ants), Kuffar, Believers etc.

  • What is said about the subject?
  • Who Allah is addressing to?

The SECOND attempt – ‘What’s in it FOR ME?’

ACTION Based (Direct COMMAND):

  • Is it a COMMAND/ Instruction/ Order (that ‘I MUST have to OBEY’)?
  • Is it a PROHIBITION (that ‘I MUST NOT do’)?

Is it a LIMITATION/ Condition that ‘I have to OBEY?’/ (keep within the LIMIT)?

  • Is it a WARNING (that ‘I must be CAREFUL of?’)
  • Is it a RECOMMENDED thing (that ‘I try my BEST to do’)?
  • Is it a NOT RECOMMENDED thing (that ‘I try my BEST NOT to do’)?

ACTION based (InDirect COMMAND):

  • Is it a description of the QUALITIES or CHARACTER of the people of JANNAH (that ‘I HAVE TO ACHIEVE’)? (Mufliheen, Mukhlaseen, Swoliheen, Swodikeen, Mohsineen etc)
  • Is it a description of QUALITIES or CHARACTER of the people of ZAHANNAM (that ‘I MUST avoid’)? (Zalimun, Khasirun etc.)

The THIRD attempt – What’s the CERTAIN KNOWLEDGE here?


‘I don’t have any act on it BUT get CERTAIN knowledge from it which will give me Muslim’s mindset or Muslim’s philosophy of life.’

  • Is it an information/ Statement/ Description that ‘gives me CERTAIN KNOWLEDGE’?

The FOURTH attempt: What type of DUA is it?

  • Is it a REQUEST/ asking for help?
  • Is it a PRAISE/ Thanks/ Gratitude?

This is to be followed by the progression coming next.

May Allah make us contemplate and understand the Quran. Ameen.

My brothers,

If you like to give this approach to the Quran, then I request you, sit with your family, teach the same thing to your spouses and children over 7 years of age.

The implication would be huge in the Muslim families In Shaa Allah. We need a culture in the Muslim families who sit together and ask one another about an Ayah of the Quran and discuss it among themselves.

May Allah give us the understanding of the Quran. Ameen.